Continuous Aerial Broadcasting


Perfectly suited for sports broadcasting, Elistair tethered systems provide a rich aerial perspective to live filming. Tethered UAVs can revolutionize the entertainment industry by allowing unlimited aerial coverage with high quality aerial live shots, and the best safety standards.

Tethered UAVs are key assets for increasing your audience through immersive aerial filming on large outdoor events like concerts and sports competitions. By offering a safer and unlimited aerial video-stream to producers, our systems bring innovative and visually rich aerial perspectives to live productions.

Tethered UAVs offer unlimited high quality videostreams, ideal for Live sports broadcasting.

Key benefits

Secured 4K aerial video-stream is made possible thanks to Elistair’s micro-tether. Our tethered systems allow continuous and interferences-proof high-quality video-stream.

Our micro-tether technology, which provides unlimited power from the ground station, enables continuous streaming of the entire event.

In crowded entertainment events, safety is essential, as your tethered UAV is likely to operate near populated areas. Elistair tethered technologies ensure secure operations through a full-control system.


  • Major sport events
  • Outdoor concerts
  • Public event observation
  • Car rallies
  • Fairs and festivals