Tethered Drones for Perimeter Surveillance and Industrial Safety

Jan 10, 2023 | Police Drones and First Responders, Tethered Drones Applications


In this Webinar, Industrial experts from Hellenic Petroleum and Hellenic Drones, share their opinions and experiences of using tethered drones for perimeter security, to secure a turnaround operation in a petroleum refinery.

How tethered suveillance drones ensure industrial safety and security

 Lialios Asterios, Director of Health, Safety, Fire Safety and Environment of Aspropyrgos Industrial Complex at Hellenic Petroleum, explains how surveillance drones contributed to ensuring tha safety of employees and the security of the refinery during the maintenance operation. 

« To summerize, we could say that our eye during this operation was Elistair’s drone. » Lialios Asterios  

The turnaround operation took place during the pandemic, in a large refinery, with superstructures going up to 100m of height, and 3000 peoples working on site. It was critical for the experts to keep a watchful eye on the area in case of incidents and emergencies but also to make sure people were following safety procedures, and respecting Covid-related measures.

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Additionally, Evangelos Tzitzis, Operation Director of Hellenic Drones S.A. details how the tethered drone was implemented for surveillance to cover an area of 3km for 24-hour operations over 65 days. Evangelos also mentions the key roles of the T-Monitor application and of the backup onboard battery for maintaining awareness of the state of the station and reducing operational risks.

In parallel, when discussing the benefits of tethered drones for surveillance as safety multipliers, the experts highlight the extended flight time, the ability to monitor 3000 people with live data feeds with minimal movements of the optical and thermal camera, and the data transfer that enabled the safety inspector to coordinate employees and to act instantly in case of incidents.

Finally, Lialios Asterios and Evangelos Tzitzis share their experience about other applications in which the tethered drones for surveillance were efficient, such as a fire-fighting exercice, logistics-site security, and events security. They also provide us with information about the Greek Ministry of Defense’s request to deploy two systems to secure a military base.

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