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Golf Championship Surveillance

300K attendees

11 hours

193 ha

Every two years, the Ryder Cup brings together 24 of the world’s top golfers from the United States and Europe. The competition is internationally renowned for its exciting level of golf: as well as for its large media impact with over one billion television spectators in 200 countries. With more than 300 000 expected attendees, the French National Police needed a flexible solution to secure 193 hectares, manage the crowd flows and ensure the safety of 50 000 visitors per day throughout the entire week.

 Alternatives to the tethered drone (50m crane or mast) are more complex to deploy, much more expensive, and much less flexible.

Didier Ferrara, Delta-Drone Head of Intelligent
Security System Department


Equipped with an Orion semi automated tethered drone, Delta Drone provided persistent and safe flight missions during the competition. The live imagery from its day/night camera was broadcasted to the main control room, providing situational awareness, crucial for crowd monitoring, quick decisions making and rapid response.

Result of the the Mission

Thanks to the Orion, Delta Drone and the French authorities obtained persistent live aerial images for surveillance of the third largest sport event in the world. Following the Ryder Cup, the national police were very satisfied and therefore asked Delta Drone with the Orion drone again for the Peace Forum. This involved providing security for over 70 heads of state including the French President.

Solution Filaire Recommandée

The Orion 2 drone tethered to the Safe-T power station


Conçu pour les applications de drones militaires, l'Orion 2 peut voler pendant 50 heures en continu.

  Certifié IP54           100m


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