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European Border Surveillance – The Example of Nestor Project

Feedback from SATWAYS Ltd

Aggelos Vasileiou from SATWAYS Ltd, a Nestor Project’s member shares his expertise on existing border overwatch technologies and their limitations. He also explains how Nestor is answering to the need of harmonization. In this webinar, you will learn about the contribution of Elistair in the Nestor Project, with the Orion 2 tethered drone as a component of its border security dispositive.

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Aggelos Vasileiou

Satways Ltd

Research Project Manager for Security and Defense

Karan Khurana


Sales Manager Asia Pacific at Elistair

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The Nestor

Nestor project aims at developing a fully functional next generation holistic border surveillance system to assist authorities in their daily operational activities.


Elistair’s Orion 2 contribution

Orion has been selected for its endurance, flexibility, small footprint, and reduced deployment time. The tethered drone provides continuous aerial surveillance of the border.


Tethered drones for border surveillance

With the ability to remain airborne for extended periods, the UAV can monitor border regions for unauthorized border crossings, smuggling activities, or suspicious behavior.

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The Nestor Project

A collaborative effort involving multiple stakeholders, including government agencies, research institutions, and technology companies from various European countries. By promoting cooperation and information sharing among these entities, the project aimed to strengthen the overall border security infrastructure of the European Union.

About our guest 

Satways Ltd.  is dedicated to developing integrated Geospatial command and control solutions for Security and Public Safety applications for police, coast guard, emergency medical service, civil protection, and fire & rescue operations, critical public infrastructure protection, transportation security, and border monitoring