Tethered border patrol drones give you access to an enduring, wide-perimeter view of borders to facilitate safe control of these critical zones. Rapidly deploy your system in vulnerable areas and gain immediate situational awareness of the environment to coordinate against criminality and unauthorized crossings.

Monitoring hundreds of kilometers of borders requires a heavy cost in human resources and constant vigilance. Aerial surveillance drones can be used as border patrol systems on strategic crossing points or dificult to reach areas, and remain on station at heights of 100 meters for day into night missions. Equipped with EO/IR sensors, these drone surveillance systems provide instant and permanent views of areas up to 10 sq kilometers, and ensure a secure data transfer through the tether directly to the operators. Their small footrpint and flexibility allows operators to change their zone of interest easily and cover larger distances.

Weather Resistant

Elistair tethered drone solutions are IP54, ingress protection rated which allows users to continue their aerial surveillance missions even in case of poor weather conditions.

Actionable Intelligence

Automated flight profiles and observation settings give operators the capacity to focus on their border patrol mission, collect actionable intelligence, and act on it effectively.

Wide-Area Coverage

The ability to remain airborne for day into night missions without the need to land and change batteries or payload is essential for operators to never loose sight of the area of interest.

Recommended Drone Solutions


With a flight endurance of 50 hours, the Orion 2 tethered UAV is designed for military applications such as border surveillance.

  100m           50h



Compatible with multiple drones and payloads, the Safe-T 2 is especially suited for day – night aerial overwatch.

   IP54           multi drone compatibility


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