Military Drone

Gain situational awareness of your area by deploying a military surveillance drone at heights of up to 100 meters and capture actionable intelligence over 50 hours periods to ensure a greater safety of your team.

Use tethered military surveillance drones to conduct persistent observation missions and obtain a wide-area view of the area of operations and provide force protection. Rapidly deployable in vulnerable or difficult-to-access environments, our tethered solutions equipped with EO and IR sensors provide uninterrupted, 360°, day and night surveillance out to a distance of 10 kms (6-miles). These field proven military drone solutions give operators the actionable intelligence they need to make critical decisions in high stress environments.

Persistent Surveillance

Powered and controlled through the tether, Elistair tethered drone solutions can provide you with an extended endurance of up to 50 hours, ensuring continuous surveillance capabilities.

Actionable Intelligence

Combine a military tethered drone with an Artifical Intelligence software to help identify the location of threats and to instantly communicate actionable intelligence.

Day / Night Coverage

Conduct continuous overwatch missions using our surveillance drone solutions with a dual EO/IR sensor. A powerful day and night vision drone removes the need to land and change payloads.

Recommended Military Drone Solutions


Orion 2 includes multiple automated redundancies and emergency procedures allowing the operator to focus on his mission.

  IP54           50h



Compatible with multiple drones and payloads, the Safe-T 2 has been approved by the French civil aviation authority (DGAC).

110 – 220V power input           100m


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Tethered surveillance drones are commonly used by military and law enforcement agencies for border patrol, base security, reconnaissance, and to provide situational awareness. They are often used for surveillance because they can remain in the air for an extended period of time going up to 50 hours, providing a stable and persistent aerial coverage of a specific area.
Military surveillance drones can be equipped with a variety of sensors and cameras, to support a range of day and night surveillance and monitoring tasks, which helps teams on the field make efficient and critical decisions.