Drones for Industrial Security

When equipped with a tether, security drones can provide an aerial view over industrial sites and their surroundings for longer periods and help prevent intrusions, increase safety of workers and improve crisis management.

Industrial sites can involve high human and environmental risks, especially during maneuvers, deliveries, or maintenance operations. Integrating a security drone into the safety dispositive of these sensitive environments gives an aerial vision of the area, prevents dangerous situations and manages crisis situations more efficiently and with less manpower requirements.


Increase your drone fleet endurance and conduct hours of general surveillance to better anticipate and manage incidents that may occur during dangerous maneuvres, or to prevent illegal actions and intrusions.

If a crisis situation arises, you can rapidly deploy your security drone up to 100 meters and obtain an immediate view of the site, support responders and ensure safe coordination of the operation.

Logistically light, our tethered drone solutions can be easily transported in the back of a small truck or in a car to be deployed in different locations and meet the needs of reactive surveillance missions.

Recommended Tethering Stations

Elistair Ligh-T 4 compact tethered drone station


Easy to transport and to use, the Ligh-T 4 increases the potential of commercial drones with hours of endurance.

   Multi-drone compatibility          70m


Elistair Safe-T 2 powerful tethered drone station


Safe-T 2 is an advanced tethered station for UAVs, especially suited for day – night aerial surveillance missions.

   IP54          100m


Industrial Security Use Cases

With one casualty and fire threatening multiple refineries; Hellenic Petroleum along with the Fire Department and the National Police needed a persistent live aerial view of the entire zone.


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