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Live Demo – Showing Elistair’s Ligh-T 4 Station Tethered to the DJI M30 Drone

Watch the whole setup, and the flight operation using Elistair’s Ligh-T 4 tethering station.

Live Demo – Showing Elistair’s Safe-T 2 Station Tethered to the DJI M350 Drone

Watch the whole setup, and the flight operation using Elistair’s Safe-T 2 tethering station.


Webinar – Building an Effective Drone Program for Your Police Department

Officer Frasure will recount her journey in establishing a successful drone program, offering practical tips and lessons learned.

Webinar – Communication Network Setup Using Tethered Drones

Watch this replay and discover how tethered drones can integrate different tactical communications payloads and for what use cases.

Webinar – Public Safety and First Responders Missions

A DJI S900 tethered to a Ligh-T station was equipped with a wireless mesh node developed by Rajant, and deployed above the height of obstructions.

Webinar – How Tethered Drones Contribute to Public Safety Operations

Learn more about the security challenges, deployment procedures, and the benefits of using tethering solutions for public safety missions.

Webinar – Tethered Drones as Tactical Aerial Telecommunications Relays

Two Experts in Tactical Telecommunications, share their opinion on the use of tethered drones as tactical aerial telecommunications relays.

Webinar – Improving Industrial Site Safety using Tethered Drones

Industry Experts explain how they monitored the maintenance operations in a petroleum refinery with a combination of free and tethered drones.

Webinar – Tethered Drones for Public Safety Missions: Webinar in Spanish

Discover how the integration of tethered systems into their drone fleet was key to enhancing security and reinforcing their presence and deployment procedures.

Webinar – How Tethered Drones Contribute to Securing Large Events

Montana University Chief of Police Brad Giffin, and Cloud Cover Mission Commanders, Richard Simpson and Brian Zacherl, share their experience with the use of tethered drones in large events security.

Webinar – European Border Surveillance – The Example of Nestor Project

You will learn about the contribution of Elistair in the Nestor Project, with the Orion 2 tethered drone as a component of its border security dispositive.

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