Tactical Communications

Increase the range and connectivity of a communication network by using our persistent tethered drone solution as a Variable Height Antenna.

Deploy your drone for tactical communication missions using a 100 meter tether to overcome line of sight limitations in a communications network. Our tethered drone systems can act as an automated and discrete aerial antenna that quickly extends a network and improves communication between units while saving on weight, size and costs of a traditional mast.

Adaptable to
Multiple Payloads

The possibility to use various drones or payloads with our solutions allows operators to easily adapt to different types of communication operation without compromising on endurance.

Variable Height

Augment your communication equipment with a tethered drone set up as a temporary 100m “mast” to overcome connectivity issues over longer distances or uneven terrain.

Low Logistical

Easily transportable and quickly launched within minutes, our solutions offer a greater reactivity as they can be deployed and redeployed to fit the communication mission needs.

Recommended Drone Solutions


Designed for military drone applications, the Orion 2 is able to endure up to 50 hours of continuous flight.

  IP54           100m



Compatible with commercially available drones and payloads, the SAFE-T 2 offers fibre optics, 4G, Wi-Fi, and radio capabilities. 

   Unlimited power           100m


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