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Elistair’s leading aerial surveillance technology provides continuous, timely and actionable intelligence to help teams in the field protect lives and assets.

Tethered UAV Applications

 Rapidly deploy a tethered drone equipped with a sensor
or a communication relay up to 100m delivering immediate
decision making information to teams on the ground for hours.


Get Actionnable Intelligence

A tethered drone can provide uninterupted, all round, day and night surveillance of an area out to 10km. This rapidly deployable capability gives operators the actionable intelligence they need to make critical decisions in high stress environments.

Tactical Communications

Deploy a Variable Height Antenna

By carrying a radio up to 100 meters, a tethered drone acts as a pop-up Variable Height Antenna. Easy to transport and install, it offers a greater flexibility to operators  and quickly increases the range and connectivity of their communication network.

Event Protection

Hours of Aerial Overwatch

Elistair’s tether stations are compatible with a wide range of commerical drones. Easy to set up, tethered drones provide hours of uniterupted flight time, a significant increase in situational awareness and ensures people’s safety during large public events.

Tethered Drone Solutions

Turnkey System

The Orion 2 drone tethered to the Safe-T power station


Persistent tethered UAS,
for autonomous 50 hour flights

IP54      50h


Tethering Stations


Advanced and powerful tether station for demanding missions

Compatible with DJI M300 and more



Compact man portable tether station for first responders

Compatible with DJI M300 and more


The imagery provided (…) enabled a huge increase in my situational awareness, the ability to witness events first-hand as an Incident Commander, and to provide assistance to my officers if needed without having to rely simply on radio voice communications.

Brad Giffin, University of Montana, Chief of Police

Not having to land and switch battery is a lot easier for the pilots. When you look at an extended drone deployment, there is a tremendous  amount of time dedicated to battery swaps and battery charging. It allows to maintain a large percentage of air time vs ground time.

Lieutenant Brad Landfield, Arlington Police Department

The advantage with a tethered drone is to fly for more than the battery life, and have a clear picture of the site to communicate better with the authorities and our central offices.

Lialios Asterios, Hellenic Petroleum South Hub HSE Manager

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