Traffic monitoring operations are recurrent drone use cases. When equipped with a tether, drones for traffic monitoring benefit from an increased endurance and a mechanical safety of the flight that are key for observation missions, or data collection over long periods of time.

Tethered drones deployed as traffic monitoring systems allow monitoring of major roadways or crossroads for several hours with no need to land and change the batteries. On station at up to 100 meters they provide an accurate view of the vehicles for the collection of traffic data or to help direct dense traffic generated during large events. Coupled with data analysis video software, they become powerfull tools able to provide real-time, accurate information for clear and concise decision making.

To give you the possibility of using the drone that best fits the needs of your traffic monitoring mission, our ground power stations have already been integrated with the largest number of drones on the market. 

Fly continuously with no need to land and change batteries. With our tethered stations, drones benefit from unlimited power and can remain in station for several hours, allowing you to focus on your traffic monitoring mission.

Easy to transport and to use, Elistair stations fit the back of a standard car and can be carried by one person. Controls are intuitive and streamlined to allow you to start your operations quickly without hardware constraints.

Recommended Tethering Stations

Ligh-T 4 tethering drone power station


Easy to transport and to use, the Ligh-T 4 expands the potential of traffic monitoring missions of several hours.

   Unlimited power           110 – 220 V power input



Designed for demanding missions, Safe-T 2 includes IP54 rating and offers persistent observation capabilities at up to 100 meters.

  IP54           100m


Traffic Monitoring Use Cases

During this operation the civil drone tethered to the Safe-T ground station performed a 3-hour non-intrusive static flight positioned at a strategic observatory ahead of the traffic.


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