Persistent Tethered Drone Solutions

Our tethered UAV solutions are currently being deployed by military forces and national security agencies in over 60 countries with 50 000 hours of overwatch already enabled.

Tethered Drones

Dedicated to persistent and safe tethered operations

The Orion 2 drone tethered to the Safe-T power station

A complete tethered drone system designed to endure extended flight times

50h continuous flight time      90m hovering altitude

A fully automated system designed to be integrated onto a fixed platform or vehicle

24h continuous flight time      Mobile operations

Tethering Stations

Increase the endurance of your existing drone fleet with one of our tethered stations

Our flagship tether station: robust, powerful and multi-drone compatible

Compatible with DJI M300 and more

Designed for portability and ease of use, the Ligh-T 4 is also compatible with many UAVs

Compatible with DJI M300 and more

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