Increase your drone autonomy for hours of aerial overwatch and improve your reactivity for a better control of security. Turn your UAV into a powerful crowd monitoring system to protect people and provide efficient support to teams on the ground.


During large gatherings, a tethered drone deployed for crowd monitoring can provide a permanent aerial view of the area and give security and police drone teams better control of events and increased reactivity.
Being able to observe the entire scene, zoom in on suspicious situations, and maintain permanent visual contact with the teams on the ground is key to ensuring the safety of all and to efficiently coordinating interventions.
Our aim is to provide operators and police forces with the most reliable and userfriendly tethered drone solutions to help them carry out their drone monitoring operations safely and succesfully.

When tethered to Elistair station, your drone receives continuous power and becomes an aerial crowd monitoring system, able to remain on station for hours, and deliver constant live video.

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Designed for all your drone monitoring operations requiring a long endurance, our tethered stations are compatible with the largest number of drones for police, first responders, and security operators.

Easy to use, our stations are designed to accompany you in all your missions. With over 1000 systems deployed worldwide, we are continually improving their usability to provide you with seamless operational support .

Recommended Tethering Stations

Ligh-T 4 tethering drone power station


Compact tether station, the LIGH-T 4 offers continuous flight capabilities to drone operators to overcome battery limitations.

   Unlimited power           110 – 220 V power input


Ligh-T 4 tethered drone station for event protection, traffic monitoring and perimeter security


Advanced tether station for UAVs, the SAFE-T 2 includes a 100 meters micro-tether and the IP54 rating to carry out demanding missions.
   IP54           100m


Use Cases

Tethered drone surveillance police

The Orion 2 tethered drone was selected by CrowCover to provide Montana University’s Police with persistant aerial surveillance, to ensure the security of 14,000 fans during the event taking place in Washington Grizzly Stadium.


Tethered drone surveillance police

With 200,000 supporters expected, The Champions League Final was the biggest event of 2019 in Spain. To ensure public security, the National Police needed continuous day-night surveillance video stream, before, during, and after the game.


To counteract an increase in crime rates against locals and visitors, the Ministry of National Security mandated the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service to take new efficient measures concerning the security of the event which in turn, contacted Rectrix Ltd. to assist with their drone solutions…


Tethered drone for crowd monitoring

In 2019, the event was held between 6p.m and 11 p.m, where thousands of people gathered in the city center. The city authorities needed a solution that would allow them to monitor the large crowds, secure up to 14 different places, and prevent risks, and this for 12 hours.


Elistair tethered drone for major events security

Tasked with securing 193 hectares and 50,000 visitors per day, the French National Police was in charge of coordinating the security arrangements and needed a flexible solution to secure the site, monitor the crowd flows, with the ability to zoom in on specific elements to identify the risks.


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