Live Demo – 45 minutes
Thursday, June 13th 2024 – 10:00AM (CEST)

How to use the Safe-T 2 tether station with a DJI M350 ?

During this demonstration, we will showcase the SAFE-T 2, our advanced tethered drone station, compatible with 50 drones on the market.
The Orion 2 drone tethered to the Safe-T power station

We will use a DJI M350 to show you how easy it is to connect the drone to the station and start your observation mission with hours of autonomy.

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Key Highlights

  • Presentation of the SAFE-T 2 tethered drone stations.
  • Flight of the tethered DJI M350 equipped with the Zenmuse H20 camera.
  • Flight monitoring with Elistair T-monitor application.
  • Presentation of T-monitor flight monitoring application.
  • Focus on the set up and the Air module used with the DJI M350

Hosted by

Ricardo E. Villagra

Southern Europe & Latam Manager @ Elistair