Tethered Drone

The Orion 2 advanced tethered UAS provides timely and actionable intelligence to help teams in the field protect lives and assets

With its unique persistent safety architecture, The Orion 2 is a dedicated tethered drone system built to endure extended flight times. In less than 15 minutes, gain situational awareness of your area by deploying the Orion 2 in an ISR or tactical communications role.

50 hours proved
flight endurance

Powered and controlled through the tether, the Orion can remain on station for 50 hours ensuring secure data transfer and protection against jamming and interference.

10km / 6,2 miles
detection range

Fly day-into-night missions using a dual EO/IR sensor removing the need to land and change payloads and use T-Planner software to identify the location of threats.

Height icone

100m / 330ft Variable
Height Antenna

Set up a temporary 100m mast to overcome connectivity issues over distance or uneven terrain. Adaptable to multiple types of radio, the Orion 2 provides mission flexibility.


Tethered Drone System Components


Tethered Drone

• 50-hour of uninterrupted flight time
• Automated flight profile
• Hierarchy of multilevel falesafes


Tethering Station

• 100-meter kevlar tether
• Secure power and communications
• Ruggedized design with IP54 certification


Ground Control Station

• Push button command and control
• Actionnable Intelligence
• System health monitoring 

Technical Data

Flight time capacity50 hrs
Cable length100 meters – 330 feet
Total take off weight10,5 kgs – 24 lbs
Stealth modeControllable light settings
ITAR FreeYes


Low Logistical Footprint
Set-up timeless than 15 min
Space requirement2 pelicases
Power source needed230 V 50 Hz (generator minimum 3 kW)
Weather Resistance
Ingress protectionIP54
Operation temperature-10°C to 45°C – 14°F to 113°F
Operation in average wind35 km/h – 22 Mph
Operation in gusts of wind50 km/h – 31 Mph
Failsafe Architecture
Smart batteryCharge while flying ability
Smart parachuteOpens in case of critical failures
Automated redundancies and  failsafesEmergency autoland and no single point of failure

T-Planner Software

Dedicated to tethered drone operations, T-Planner is an intuitive interface allowing operators to focus on their mission rather than the flight. All data is fully controlled by the user.

Enter your required mission height and let Orion 2 automatically take-off and climb. All safety procedures are automated.

Persistent ISR

50-hour overwatch


Tactical Communications

Variable Height Antenna


Border Surveillance

10 sq kilometers observation


Download the Orion 2 Brochure

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