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Åre Ski World Championship 2019

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With 74 participating countries and over 700 million viewers, the Alpine World Ski Championships is the world’s biggest winter sports event after the Winter Olympics.

Aerocam, an aerial film and photography production company was tasked by SVT to provide live aerial imagery. Equipped with an Elistair Safe-T Tether and a DJI M600 drone they were able to provide unique, live aerial images of the slopes.

During the two weeks of the competition, the M600 was deployed for 5 days providing live streaming from the slopes, it realized up to 5 hours of flight a day, operating at heights of 25 to 30m and covering 300 meters of track.

With a Paralinx system reaching up to 600 meters, full HD images of 1080p and 50fps, with 0,1 seconds of latency were transmitted by fiber to a TV control center after being converted from HDMI/SDI to LAN/IP.

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