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Communication network setup using tethered drones

Feedback from Northcom experts

Northcom experts explain how they created a 200km wide network for the Norwegian Army, using the Orion HL Tethered Drone and their Radionor Tactical Relay. Watch this replay and discover how tethered drones can integrate different tactical communications payloads and for what use cases.

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Espen Helgheim Hagen

Northcom Solutions AS

Strategic Account Director Defence at Northcom

Arne-Leo Bertoia

Northcom Solutions AS

Head of Research and Development at Northcom

Steve Allcock

Elistair The Tethered Drone Company

Defense Project Manager Europe & Middle East at Elistair

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Orion Heavy Lift tethered drone

By using the Orion HL Tethered Drone and Radionor Tactical Relay, a 200km wide communication network was created for the Norwegian Army.


The challenge of the line of sight

Tethered drones can hover at significant heights, ensuring reliable communication by serving as a relay node between distant locations.


Infrastructure support for military

When traditional communication infrastructure is damaged or nonexistent, tethered UAV can quickly establish temporary communication networks, enabling coordination and support.

About our invited company

Northcom offers technology and products for critical communication solutions within public sector and for commercial users.