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Tethered Drones as Tactical Aerial Telecommunications Relays

Feedback from Omega Dev Group and Federal Resources

Blair Hickey, Managing Director at Omega Dev Group, and Mark Stone, C4/ISR Business at Federal Resources, two Experts in Tactical Telecommunications, share their opinion on the use of tethered drones as tactical aerial telecommunications relays.

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Blair Hickey

Omega Development Group

Former military in the Australian Defence Force, Managing Director at Omega Dev Group

Brad Giffin

Federal Resources Supply Co

C4ISR team member at Federal Resources working on tactical communications integration projects

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Tethered drones as tactical communication relays

Tethered drones offer extended communication range, improved line-of-sight and can be rapidly deployed for tactical operations.


Reducing ground clutter effects

By placing the antenna at a higher elevation, it reduces the chance of signal interference caused by ground-based obstacles such as buildings, vegetation, or uneven terrain.


Tethered drones vs other equipment

Key differences between tethered drones and other equipment such as aerostats resides in the flexibility, weather tolerance, and intelligence of the tethered UAS.

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Omega Dev Group

The forefront of R&D and procurement of premium equipment & Tier One training solutions to Special Forces, Federal & State Law Enforcement, Customs and the ADF.

Federal Resources Supply Company

Provides mission-critical solutions for military personnel and first responders. The Company distributes maritime, fire safety, law enforcement, military, and industrial supplies.