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Firefighting Drones – Elistair participates in Live experiments

Elistair Team | 15 Jul 2016 | 3 min

Elistair Team

15 Jul 2016

3 minutes

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Elistair tethered drone systems were deployed over firefighting live experiments in Poitiers, France, and provided a live continuous aerial videostream for better crisis management.

The second edition of the Technical Days – Emergency interventions on vehicles – gathered numerous European firefighting delegations, with more than 420 attendants from 15 different countries. Organized by French SDIS 86 and SDIS 44 (firefighting divisions), this event hosted live experimentations focused on vehicles burning tests, from May 24th to may 26th 2016.

The goal of these real-life tests was to showcase new strategies to address safely vehicle fires . Deployed next to the fire spots, Elistair tethered drone solutions were integrated into the experiment, and provided a live and continuous global view of the different interventions, functioning as a “local” satellite. Thanks to its micro-tether, the tethered drone beneficiates from an unlimited flight time and from a secured data link with its ground station. The drone flew for over 4 hours at a height of approximately 200 feet / 60 meters. You can learn more on the tethering station used for this mission here.

These experimentations showcased operational strategies to safely fight vehicle fires. For these interventions, and more broadly for crisis management, a tethered drone is a precious information tool, helping to speed up the resolution of the crisis by providing live explicit data on the scene, and helping decision makers to choose better operational strategies.

The video on below is a sample from the videostream broadcasted by Elistair tethering station Safe-T. Fires start at 15 minutes and 35 minutes.

SAMPLE – Firefighting – Elistair tethered UAV systems from Elistair on youtube.

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