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Public Safety and First Responders missions

Feedback from Greensboro Fire Departement

Fazoli’s Freedom Festival is the annual Independence Day celebration of Morehead, Kentucky, USA and gathers over 10,000 spectators on a single day. To ensure uninterrupted communications between the police department and other first responders. A DJI S900 tethered to a Ligh-T station was equipped with a wireless mesh node developed by Rajant, and deployed above the height of obstructions.

Guest Speaker

Jason Chamberlain

Captain at Greensboro Fire Departement, serves as Firefighter since 1998

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Key Highlights

  • Firefighting using tethered drones: By providing real-time information, tethered drones help assess the situation, identify hotspots, and coordinate response efforts more efficiently without endanger first responders.
  • Benefits in public safety operations: Tethered drones can access areas that are difficult or dangerous for first responders to reach, providing them with valuable insights without compromising their safety.
  • Features of the tethering system: Our guests emphasize the importance of data transfer, high-quality identification, zoom capabilities, as well as the compatibility of the tethering stations with multiple drones.

      Hosted by

      Captain Jason Chamberlain

      Captain at Greensboro Fire Departement, serves as Firefighter since 1998

      Captain Chamberlain has been a Firefighter in Greensboro NC since October of 1998. He has served the city as a member of NCTF6, (USAR Team), for over 15 years. He holds many certifications including Swiftwater Rescue Technician, Structural Collapse Technician, and is a FAA Drone Pilot.

      Chris Fink

      Founder & CEO at Unmanned Vehicle Technologies and relies on a strong background in the public safety

      As a former public servant in emergency communications and the fire service, Chris Fink is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Unmanned Vehicle Technologies (UVT), a leading provider of complete UAS solutions to public safety, energy, utility, oil and gas, education, and many other industries since 2014.

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