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How Tethered Drones Contribute to Public Safety Operations

Feedback from Arlington Police Department

Police Department Lt. Neal Landfield, and Sergeant Robert Robertson, share their experience with the use of tethered drones for daily public safety operations. Watch the webinar to learn more about the security challenges, deployment procedures, and the benefits of using tethering solutions for public safety missions.

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Robert Robertson

Arlington Police Departement

Sergeant sUAS Operations at Arlington PD

Neal Landfield

Arlington Police Department

Lieutenant West District Patrol | Aviation Unit Program Manager

Kevin Laurent

Elistair The Tethered Drone Company

East Coast Sales Manager

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Arlington Police Department challenges

Arlington encompasses approximately 100sq.miles and has over 371,000 residents. It also has a large entertainment district which holds large events.


Impact on daily public safety missions

With aerial surveillance missions going up to 9 hours of continuous flight, tethered drones helped our guests cover 80% of 15 parkings lots, 8 major roads and three stadiums of 80K capacity.


The deployment of the tethering system

Our guests point out the importance of the quick set-up, the reliability, the easy command, and the high endurance of tethered drones.

About our invited company

The Arlington County Police Department provides a dynamic work environment dedicated to improving the overall quality of life in Arlington through three key initiatives, crime prevention and control, transportation safety, and community engagement.