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Tethered drones for Public Safety missions: webinar in spanish

Feedback from Madrid Police and DJI Madrid

In this webinar, Madrid Police and DJI Madrid distributors share their experience in using both free and tethered drones for their daily public safety operations. Discover how the integration of tethered systems into their drone fleet was key to enhancing security and reinforcing their presence and deployment procedures.

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Eduardo Méndez

DJI ARS Madrid

UTC Service Manager at DJI ARS Madrid

David Hermoso

Madrid Municipal Police 

Pilot of the Air Support Section 

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Free-flying drones Vs Tethered drones

The complementarity between free-flying drones and tethered drones lies in their respective advantages and use cases.  



Tethered drones for Public Safety missions

Tethered drones assist search and rescue operations, help in incident management, crowd and traffic monitoring, and accident investigations. 


Event surveillance and security 

Large events often involve dense crowds. Aerial surveillance is crucial to provide situational awareness and maintain crowd safety.

About our invited companies

DJI ARS Madrid

An official DJI store in Spain operating since 2008, DJI ARS Madrid was the introducer of DJI drones in Europe and Spain.

Policía Municipal de Madrid

The Madrid Municipal Police Department is known as the local law enforcement agency responsible for maintaining public safety and enforcing municipal regulations within the city of Madrid, Spain. It operates under the authority of the Madrid City Council.