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Champions League Final

Permanent Live Video for the Football Champions League Final

200K attendees

10 minutes setup

8 Hours of flight

With 200 000 supporters in the streets and over 67000 in the Stadium, the Champions League Final was the biggest event in Spain in 2019. In response to the heightened terrorist threat level, authorities conducted the largest security operation for any sporting event in the capital. The response included 4700 police officers, civil protection teams, firefighters and paramedics on standby and for the first time, a drone piloted by UMILES Global Solutions teams, and tethered to Elistair Safe-T station.

 National Police needed eyes in the sky to control the Stadium surroundings during the 8 hours deployment. The tethering system was the key to achieve this mission. National Police was able to monitor main highways and streets leading to the stadium as well as crowd and car movements.

José Calcedo, UMILES Group Commercial Director


UMILES Global Solutions tethered their U06 drone to the Safe T station to be able to stay airborne during the entire mission. Two pilots oversaw the flight: one for the drone, and one for the camera. UMILES was allowed to fly in controlled airspace by the AESA and UNAIRES, the tether system being a reliable mitigation and a safer solution preventing all risks of fly away.

Result of the the Mission

The tethered drone maintained its altitude for 8 hours, providing authorities with immediate images of the crowd and vehicles movements, facilitating the decision-making and coordination of security teams. As the camera was controlled by the pilot, the National Police requesting certain vantage points, AESA consultors and journalists even received video feed on their mobile phone and tablets.

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Compatible with multiple drones and payloads, the Safe-T 2 has been approved by the French civil aviation authority (DGAC).

110 – 220V power input           100m


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