Public Safety


Permanent Live Video for the Football Champions League

Use Case Preview

With 200,000 supporters expected, The Champions League Final was the biggest event of 2019 in Spain. To ensure public security, the National Police needed continuous day-night surveillance video stream, before, during and after the game.

A safe surveillance system was required to avoid the risk of crashing into the crowds or flying away near Madrid airport located 2km away, and public buildings. In addition, the Police needed an uninterrupted flight to ensure optimal situational awareness and provide public safety. 

With its unique aerial position, the drone tethered to the Safe-T power ground station can easily cover and detect any risk or traffic issue, enabling law enforcement staff to respond quickly in real-time. The tethered drone was authorized as being the only reliable solution with a low logistical footprint.

During the event, it flew for 8 hours without the need to land and change batteries, providing continuous aerial surveillance.

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