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Roundabout Traffic Monitoring

Aerial Surveillance mission using tethered drones

5 gates monitored

7 826 vehicles identified

3 hours of flight

Lyon serves as a major traffic hub in France and stands as the second most densely populated city after the Paris metropolitan area. Elistair partnered with DataFromSky to conduct road traffic measurement sessions at a busy roundabout during rush hour. They deployed a civilian drone tethered to an Elistair Safe-T station, and used the advanced tools provided by DataFromSky for traffic flow in road analysis by direct video processing.

 Aerial monitoring with drones surpasses traditional methods. A single tethered UAV combined with a video analysis software can hover steadily for several hours to count vehicles, identify their nature and speed, and provide a beter understanding of traffic flow patterns, congestion points and overall road conditions.


The drone was equipped with a digital Sony PJ 810 Full HD video handy-cam with a zoom x3. Tethered to an Elistair Safe-T station it performed a non-intrusive static flight
for 3 hours at heights of up to 70m. A 50m radius zone was marked beneath the drone to ensure clearance from populated areas and mitigate potential hazards.

Result of the the Mission

The tethered uav was strategically positioned ahead of the traffic, providing extensive coverage of the zone of interest. Data transfer was securely facilitated through the micro tether and directly displayed in real-time on the video monitor. A total of 7 826 vehicles were detected across 5 designated gates, with an average speed of 33 km/h.

Featured product


Compatible with multiple drones and payloads, the Safe-T 2 has been approved by the French civil aviation authority (DGAC).

110 – 220V power input           100m


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