Public Event Surveillance


Vienna 2018-19 New Year’s Eve Celebrations 

Use Case Preview

Since 1990, the Vienna New Year’s Eve Trail draws hundreds of thousands of people to celebrate the New Year. In 2019, the event was held between 6p.m and 11 p.m, where thousands of people gathered in the city center.

The city authorities needed a solution that would allow them to monitor the large crowds, secure up to 14 different places, and prevent risks, and this for 12 hours.

Vienna like most major cities has strict flight regulations and Gecko4K needed to provide proof of safety measures and redundancies of the equipment, in order to be granted a permit to fly. 

Equipped with a DJI M200 drone and an Elistair Safe-T tether station, the team successfully provided an uninterrupted thermal and electro optic, live video feed for the local police.

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