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Gun N’ Roses Security

Security of the Gun N’ Roses Concert

14 000

Day/Night vision

On the evening of August 13-14, 2021, an Elistair Orion 2 tethered drone flew continuously for six hours over the Guns N’ Roses concert to ensure the security of 14,000 fans in the University of Montana’s Washington Grizzly Stadium. Crowd Cover, in charge of the operation selected the Orion 2 system and its day – night dual sensor camera to provide the police with a persistent aerial view of the area.

 By using Elistair tethered drones, I was able to gain a significant advantage in keeping people safe at a large event. The imagery provided by CloudCover enabled a huge increase in my situational awareness, the ability to witness events first-hand as an incident Commander, and to provide assistance to my officers if needed without having to rely simply on radio-voice communications.

Brad Giffin, University of Montana, Chief of Police


The Orion 2 tethered drone was deployed on the roof of a building close to the stadium to provide a permanent view of the perimter including the entry and exit points, the sales areas, car parks and nearby hiking trails. After the show, the drone and its infrared camera ensured the smooth exit of people, and helped locate groups of persons hiding in the stadium in order to evacuate them.

Result of the the Mission

During the 6-hour operation, the Orion 2 provided key support to the emergency services who were able to rely on the uav’s continuous flight time to maintain an overwatch of the area and to ensure effective coordination.The system allowed to identify people in need of assistance or others behaving at risk, and to follow the teams during their interventions to ensure the smooth running of operations.

Featured product

The Orion 2 drone tethered to the Safe-T power station


Designed for military drone applications, the Orion 2 is able to endure up to 50 hours of continuous flight.

  IP54           100m


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