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Meet Guilhem de Marliave

Elistair Team | 4 Oct 2023 | 8 min

Elistair Team

4 Oct 2023

8 minutes

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In this article, we’re diving into a summary of Sam Ávila’s original work. Sam is a nanotechnology engineer, and he’s taking you on a ride to explore the world of tethered drones. Meet our CEO, Guilhem de Marliave, the entrepreneur behind our tethered drones that can fly for 50 hours straight, changing the game in security and surveillance. You can find the rest of the article in the link below.

Towards the sky: Elistair’s tethered drone ushers in a new era of autonomous flight

Let’s explore tethered drones and their transformative impact, from security missions to surveillance operations. Guilhem de Marliave, co-founder and CEO of Elistair, was the initiator in realizing this concept. The tethered drone, connected to the ground by a micro-tether, overcomes the autonomy challenges of conventional drones. Instead of just a few minutes, these drones can fly for an impressive 50 hours.

Using Tethered Drones to foster innovation without limits

Tethered drones combine brilliant hardware and software. The drone is connected to a ground powered station by a micro tether, allowing power and data to pass through. Think about 10-kilometer-long controlled surveillance, 50-hour flights, and improved safety.

Applications and Benefits of the tethered drones

These drones strike a balance between autonomy and security while excelling in endurance and secure data transfer. They achieve flight precision under the guidance of taut linkages, merging technology, and control. Enhanced situational awareness is the next step in evolution, transforming security and surveillance through real-time insights for quick decisions.

In order to foster innovation and a tethered future, Guilhem’s approach proposes standardized modules that integrate tethered capabilities across drone models. His views highlight the benefits of tethered drones, including autonomous flight, situational awareness, and increased security.

“The idea of tethered drones is to have an eye of view for a situation in real time, to act faster and protect large events.”
Guilhem De Marliave

CEO & Co – founder of Elistair.

Orion: A Skybound Revolution in Tethered Flight

With 50 hours of flight time, powerful cameras, and seamless data analysis, Elistair’s Orion drone redefines tethered flight. Being so high in the sky, it becomes a priceless asset for security and decision-makers.

Orion represents a commitment to excellence rather than being just a simple drone. It is designed to meet specific needs, such as continuous flight time and safety enhancements.

Precision is important, there is no denying it. The sophisticated positioning technologies of Orion provide continuous stability and unmatched accuracy.

Interpreting Data: The Art of Deciphering the Skies.

Let’s explore the data. Drones with tethers can fly longer and provide massive data streams. However, getting lost in data is useless. This is addressed by Elistair’s team through the improvement of flying and clever data analysis. Imagine video operators responding to warnings while concentrating on important details of a technology-human collaboration, producing useful information.

Guilhem de Marliave and his guiding entrepreneurial wisdom.

Guilhem sees opportunities when others might see difficulties. Adversity brings about solutions, therefore embrace it. He jumped into drones, exemplifying entrepreneurial courage. Take risks, question rules and norms and don’t forget to inspire creativity.

Credit photo – Olivier Ramonteu

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