A Compact Tethered Station for Challenging Environments

Ligh-T V.3 is a tethered drone station, offering extended possibilities to police forces and first responders.

Designed to be easily transportable and deployable on any type of terrain, Ligh-T V.3 is compact and can be operational in seconds.













Ligh-T V.3 is compatible with a wide range of drones thanks to its unique range of hot-swappable air modules.

Ruggedized, mobile and easy to deploy, Ligh-T V.3 is the perfect solution for drone operations requiring both security and persistence.


The extremely light micro-tether is Kevlar reinforced and allows for secure, fast and unjammable communication during deployments.

Air Modules are also compatible with the Safe-T tethered drone station allowing for increased flexibility between Elistair tethered stations.

Tough and Ruggedized

Designed as a mission-critical tool, Ligh-T V.3 is a solution you can truly rely on. Its IP65 compliant casing provides a weather-proof capability and has been specifically engineered to excel in missions requiring flexibility, mobility and robustness.

The Ligh-T V.3 tethered drone station will operate in whatever weather conditions you find yourself in, providing the capability you need, when you need it.

A streamlined tethered drone station for streamlined operations

Weighing only 12 kg and due to its refined and simple designLigh-T V.3 is easily: 


Ligh-T V.3 can be easily carried by hand or in a backpack to ensure the operational readiness of the operator.


Designed to be plug and play, the Ligh-T V.3 tethered drone station can be quickly set up during emergency situations.


Thanks to Elistair’s simple interface, Ligh-T V.3 can be operated by one operator without any training.

Mechanical Winch

The Ligh-T V.3 tethered drone station provides an easy to use manual winch, with a stowable handle for fast and flexible deployments.

The Ligh-T V.3 manual winch has the following benefits:

√     Auto reel-out during deployment

√     Fast reel-in for recovery, no power supply needed

√     Easy maintenance and cleaning

√     Enhanced compactness and sturdiness

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Ligh-T is a powerful tool, enabling drone operators to widen their perspectives by bringing unlimited autonomy, safety and real-time high resolution data transfer.

The solution gives access to a wide range of high value applications:

  • Surveillance: events, forest fire management, harbors, anti-poaching
  • Pop-up Telecommunications
  • Traffic Management
  • Industrial Inspection: Oil & Gas installations, energy utilities, civil engineering structures
  • Air quality monitoring
  • TV Broadcast : Persistent aerial Lives on sporting events, concerts and shows
  • Anti-drone systems (drone detectors or jamming systems)
  • Impact and Battle Damage Assessment (Fall of shot monitoring for artillery units)