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Refinery Fire Monitoring

Refinery Fire Fighting Exercise with Hellenic Petroleum

Unlimited power

8-minutes setup


A simulated fire broke out after the crash of a tractor into a pipeline junction connecting two Hellenic Petroleum Refineries and two other oil and gas companies. To ensure the best possible coordination between the National Fire Brigade, the Police, and Ambulance services, Hellenic Drones SA provided a persistent live aerial stream of the incident with a DJI Inspire 1 tethered to Elistair Ligh-T power station.

  The advantage with a tethered drone is to fly for more than the battery life, and have a clear picture of the site to communicate better with the authorities and our central offices.

Lialios Asterios, Hellenic Petroleum South Hub HSE


Hellenic Drones SA deployed their Inspire 1 with an Elistair Ligh-T tethered station near the incident. As it was continuously powered by the station, the drone remained airborne during the whole exercise. The command post was located 1 km away from the flight zone and full HD images where directly retransmitted from the pilot mobile phone to the control screen through a Facebook live application.

Result of the the Mission

After a quick set up of 8 minutes, the drone was airborne and its video stream was live transmitted to the command post providing the security manager and the head of fire department with a crucial deep knowledge of the situation. The commanders in charge of coordinating the operations were able to base their instructions to the rescue teams on real time intelligence.

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