Live Demo – 45 minutes

Traffic Monitoring using DJI M30 Drone tethered to Ligh-T 4 Station

Attend our live demonstration to learn how to connect your DJI M30 to our LIGH-T 4 ground station quickly.
The Orion 2 drone tethered to the Safe-T power station

This powerful combination provides extended flight endurance at a 70-meter (230-foot) altitude, for your public safety and sensitive site surveillance missions.

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Key Highlights

  • Presentation and setup of the new DJI M30 air module with our Ligh-T station.
  • Flight of the tethered DJI M30 with our Ligh-T 4 ground power station.
  • Overwatch and traffic monitoring mission.
  • Landing and focus on the set up of the system.
  • Questions/answers through the live chat.

Hosted by

Steve Allcock

Defense Project Manager Europe & Middle East at Elistair

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