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Police drones: How Tethered Drones Contribute to Public Safety Operations

Marie Fayot | 30 Mar 2022 | 3 min

Marie Fayot

30 Mar 2022

3 minutes

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In this Webinar, Lieutenant Landfield, and Sergeant Robertson, two US Law Enforcement Officials from the Arlington Police Department, share their experience with the use of police drones. They explain more precisely how the DJI M200 drone tethered with Elistair Ligh-T station contributes to their daily public safety missions.

Police drones for continuous and full event coverage

With over 600 officers and close to 200 professional staff, the Arlington Police Department between Dallas and Fort Worth. The city encompasses approximately 100sq.miles and has over 371,000 residents. It also has a large entertainment district that holds large events such as major league baseball with 130K attendees and the opening day of the Texas Rangers.

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Lieutenant Landfield and Sergeant Robertson explain the impact of police drones, amongst which, tethered drones on their daily public safety missions, and describe how their uses “went through the roof”, going from 9 uses in four years to 292 last year. With aerial surveillance missions going up to 9 hours of continuous flight, they show how tethered drones helped them cover and secure 80% of parking lots, 9 major roads, and three stadiums of 80K capacity.

Lieutenant Landfield and Sergeant Robertson emphasize the importance of the quick set-up, reliability, easy command, and high endurance of tethered drones in their Police missions.

Not having to land and switch battery is a lot easier for the pilots. When you look at an extended drone deployment, there is a tremendous amount of time dedicated to battery swaps and battery charging. It allows maintaining a large percentage of air time vs ground time.”

Lieutenant Neal Landfield

Arlington Police Departement

As they explain, the director in NFL security shows his enthusiasm for the use of tethering solutions because he believes that they mitigate a lot of risks associated with free drones operations. 
Watch the Webinar to listen to detailed feedback from our guests and to learn more about the security challenges they face, the setup matters of authorization, and the results of using tethered drones in public safety operations.

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