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Surveillance Drones for event security: Feedback from CrowdCover and Montana University Police Department

Elistair Team | 9 Nov 2022 | 3 min

Elistair Team

9 Nov 2022

3 minutes

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In this Webinar, our guests are the University of Montana’s Chief of Police Brad Giffin, and the Co-founders of CrowdCover Richard Simpson and Brian Zacherl, former Marines and Military in the US. Brad, Richard and Brian discuss their experience with the use of tethered surveillance drones for event security.

Surveillance drones for event security

The University of Montana, located in Missoula, counts over 10 000 students and includes the main campus with a 25,200-seat football stadium which holds major events, such as concerts and football games. Our guests explain the key role of aerial observation using surveillance drones to benefit from a deeper situational awareness, and real-time feed in order to secure the events taking place in the stadium of the campus.

The Chief of Police highlights the importance of being provided with a real-time actionable intelligence during events to collect information, monitor the flow of traffic, and respond quickly to disturbances and emergencies. He explains the impact of using tethered drones for surveillance in directing his staff and dealing with medical emergencies during the Guns N’Roses concert which took place in difficult weather conditions.

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Our responsibility with having the campus and major events here is that we’re responsible for the safety and security of everybody, and trying to find a platform that provided a real-time actionable intelligence over a large area is hugely beneficial for any event that we’re doing. It’s a technology that we’ve never had access to.”

Brad Griffin

University of Montana's Chief of Police

Brian Zacherl explains that the advantage of using a tethered system for this type of mission rather than a free-flying drone or any type of aerostat is that the tethered drone provides pre-event, event, and post-event coverage, inside and outside the stadium. He also, points out that sometimes the combination of a tethered drone and a free-flying drones is necessary to have a very close view of the target or to send signals.

Besides their feedback, our guests answer the participants’ questions about the footprint of the system, the liability question, the feedback of the public, and other applications and uses of tethering solutions.

Watch the full Webinar to learn more about tethering surveillance drones for event security and public safety missions.

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