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Crowd Monitoring During Trinidad and Tobago Carnival


10 minutes setup

110 Ha

Trinidad Carnival attracted over 35 000 visitors to the capital city of Port-of-Spain. In order to monitor the crowds, manage traffic and quickly intervene in case of incidents, Trinidad and Tobago Police forces asked Retrix Ltd to deploy their DJI M100 with Elistair Ligh-T tether. The tethered drone provided the Police with constant aerial surveillance over the main stage and the surroundings.

 The drones provided a lockdown and monitored everything that was taking place in real time. A combination of technology and personnel has so far worked for the Carnival season, making it one of the safest ever.

Gary Griffith, Port-of-Spain Police Commissioner


Launched 450m away from the revelers, the DJI M100 tethered to Elistair Ligh-T station provided non-stop coverage and live footage of the crowd and the surrounding streets of the event to all command centers. On top of providing unlimited power to the drone, the station kevlar reinforced tether was a guaranty of safety for the civilians nearby.

Result of the the Mission

The DJI M100 maintained a height of 60m and continuously transmitted live video feed through broadband Wi-Fi via a relay antenna. The drone flew for 12hrs and covered a 110 hecatres area. Footage from the Zenmuse Z30 camera was clear of obstructions such as tower or trees. According to the statistics, the Trinidad Carnival 2019 edition, was the safest in the past 5 years

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