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Improving Industrial Site Safety using Tethered Drones

Feedback from Hellenic Petroleum HSE Manager

In this webinar, two Industry Experts explain how they monitored the general maintenance operations in a petroleum refinery with a combination of free and tethered drones. Meet our guests, Lialios Asterios, Director of Health, Safety, Fire Safety and Environment at Hellenic Petroleum, and Evangelos Tzitzis, Operation Director of Hellenic Drones S.A.

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Lialios Asterios

Hellenic Petroleum S.A.

Director of Health, Safety and Environment of Industrial Facilities

Evangelos Tzitzis

Hellenic Drones

Former Navy Officer, currently Chief Operation Officer of Hellenic Drones

Karan Khurana

Elistair The Tethered Drone Company

Sales Manager Asia Pacific at Elistair

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Tethered drones as tactical communication relays

Tethered drones offer extended communication range, improved line-of-sight and can be rapidly deployed for tactical operations.


Reducing ground clutter effects

By placing the antenna at a higher elevation, it reduces the chance of signal interference caused by ground-based obstacles such as buildings, vegetation, or uneven terrain.


Tethered drones vs other equipment

Key differences between tethered drones and other equipment such as aerostats resides in the flexibility, weather tolerance, and intelligence of the tethered UAS.

About our invited speakers

Asterios Lialios

Director of Health, Safety, and Environment of Industrial Facilities at Hellenic Petroleum S.A. Asterios Lialios started his career at Petrola Refinery. He was then appointed to Hellenic Petroleum Refinery where he worked at times in the Process Engineering, Production, and Oil Movement Departments. He has been engaged in Health & Safety, and today he is the Director of the Health & Safety-Fire Safety and Environment Directorate of the HELPE’s Industrial Facilities in Elefsina, Greece.

Evangelos Tziztis

Operation Director of Hellenic Drones S.A., Greece. Evangelos Tzitzis started his career as a Navy Officer, retired with the rank of Commodore in 2018, and since then has been Chief Operation Officer of Hellenic Drones. He has been engaged in the UAS/C-UAS industry since 2009, initially as part of his Navy officer capacity and currently as Hellenic Drones.