Unlimited Autonomy

Our micro-tether technology enables UAVs to fly safely and continuously beyond the normally limiting factor of battery life.

Fast Data Transfer

Our technology includes data transfer through the micro-tether, enabling a reliable, high speed and robust data transmission.

Secured Operations

Our patented smart tethering system provides security, reliability and safety thanks to a persistent power supply and secure transfer of data.

Discover our solutions: Safe-T and Ligh-T

Benefit from unlimited autonomy, security and fast data transfer for your drone operations. Get access to new applications: persistent aerial surveillance, telecommunications, traffic monitoring, demanding industrial inspections, air quality monitoring and live broadcasting.

Safe-T and Ligh-T are practical tethered stations for UAVs, ruggedized and compact, they are specifically designed for the most demanding field operations. These multi-patented systems provide extended possibilities for drone users.

Applications - Defence

Applications - Private & public safety


Applications - Traffic Monitoring2

Applications - News gathering

Applications-Humanitarian Needs


Elistair designs and manufactures commercial tethered drone systems.

These patented innovative solutions open a new field for the power supply and control of drones. Endurance is limited by battery life and reliability of communications can suffer from saturation of bandwidth and interference from wireless signals. Tethered drones provide an answer to these problems.

Elistair is proud to be the recipient of the 2016 Technology Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan.

The company works with international industrial companies and has won several awards in France and in the United States, making Elistair a fast-growing top-innovative company.

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