Secured Operations

Our patented smart tethering system secures your operations and provides reliability and safety thanks to persistent power supply and secured data transfer.

Unlimited Autonomy

Our micro-tether technology enables UAVs to fly with no time limit, in a secured way. It is designed to supply a wide range of power.

Fast Data Transfer

Our technology includes data transfer through the micro-tether, enabling a reliable, high speed and robust data transmission.

SAFE-T is a station for tethered drones.

Discover SAFE-T: Smart Tethered Station for Drones

Get security, unlimited autonomy, fast data transfer for your drone operations and get access to new applications: persistent aerial surveillance, demanding industrial inspections, traffic monitoring, live productions, telecommunications or air quality monitoring.

SAFE-T is a handy tethered station for UAVs, ruggedized and compact, designed for field operations. The patent-pending system brings extended possibilities to drone users.


We are a team of drone enthusiasts!

Our focus and mission is to bridge the back between drones and end-users needs with simple, robust and easy-to-use technologies. To achieve this mission, we gathered a team of highly skilled engineers.

The company has won several awards in France and in San Francisco, and is proud to work with international industrial companies, making Elistair a fast-growing top-innovative company.

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