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DJI S900 - Safe-T
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Tethered drone based on Elistair Ligh-T station and DJI Inspire 1.
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The First Smart Tethered Station for Drones

Safe-T is an industrial smart tethered station for UAVs, offering real-time semi-persistent observation and surveillance capabilities thanks to its patented micro-tether. Offering the widest range of compatible drones and payloads on the market, the system is especially suited for:

  • Persistent Aerial Surveillance (Day and night)
  • Temporary Telecommunications (4G, Wi-Fi, radio)
  • Industrial Inspections

Designed for the most demanding missions, Safe-T has been approved for tethered flights by an official rule-making body; the DGAC (French civil aviation), and has been successfully deployed by government bodies and industrial companies over 5 continents.

Surveillance drone with Safe-t - Onboard Module

Unlimited Flight Duration

A direct power supply from the ground station through the micro-tether provides the drone with unlimited endurance.

Our compact smart Onboard Module replaces your battery, resulting in a continuous, reliable, and secure power source. Connected to the electrical grid or to a generator, Safe-T is designed to run from several hours to several days.

No drone modifications are required, enabling you to switch from tether mode to battery mode in seconds, for a greater versatility.

Safe and Connected

Providing a continuous and redundant power supply, secured by an UPS safety battery, the Safe-T micro-tether is armored with kevlar to withstand over 1000 Newtons of traction, and provides an unbroken and unjammable data transfer.

Integrated with various sensors, the Safe-T is continuously self-checking its status and uses fail-safe procedures in case of anomalies. An embedded WIFI module streams the system status to Elistair T-Monitor application, allowing the operator to monitor its operations from a tablet or PC.

The system allows for safer missions in complex scenarios, with a complete protection of surrounding equipment and people, and has been certified to be in adequation with Civil Aviation laws.

tethered drone uav - elistair
SAFE-T is a station designed to transform existing drones into tethered UAVs, for surveillance and telecommunications.

Rugged and Field-Proven

Deployed by end-users since 2014 all over the world, Safe-T is truly field-proven. We have worked hard to make this powerful tool rugged, compact, easy to use and quick to deploy on the field by a single operator. The system fits easily in standard transportation means.

The smart Onboard Module is compact and can fit in the common battery space of your drone. Easy to connect / disconnect, you can switch from free flight to persistent flight in seconds.

Safe-T incorporates a proprietary software, with fine-tuned control laws limiting the impact of the micro-tether on the drone flight and preventing entanglements or wear risks.

Download our brochure to get the Safe-T specifications and options details, and request our pricelist.

If you’d like us to check if your drone is compatible with Safe-T, please fill in this form. We will get back to you shortly!

Tethered DJI S900
Tethered Yuneec H920
Tethered Gryphon
Tethered Delta H
Safe-T is a powerful tool, enabling drone operators to widen their perspectives by bringing unlimited autonomy, safety and real-time high resolution data transfer.

The solution gives access to a large range of high added-value applications:

  • Surveillance : events, forest fire management, harbors, anti-poaching
  • Pop-up Telecommunications (4G, WI-FI, radio…)
  • Traffic Management (camera or radar based)
  • Industrial Inspections : Oil & Gas, Energy utilities, civil work structures
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • TV Broadcast : Persistent aerial Lives on sporting events, concerts, shows
  • Lightening systems
  • Anti-drone systems (drone detectors or jamming systems)
  • Impact control (impact location monitoring for artillery shoots)