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[Press Release] Elistair launches Ligh-T

Coradine Giannitrapani | 13 May 2016 | 7 min

Coradine Giannitrapani

13 May 2016

7 minutes

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Lyon, France, May 2, 2016 – Elistair announces the launch of its new tethered station for drones, Ligh-T, this week at XPONENTIAL 2016, the main international trade show dedicated to drones and industrial robotics (New Orleans, May 2-5, 2016). The company also announces the signature of a partnership agreement with DRONE VOLT for exclusive distribution in Europe.

Expanding its line of tethered stations for drones, already adopted by major clients such as Aéroports de Paris and Thalès, as well as security companies, Elistair has developed a new unit that is ultra-compact, lightweight, and enhanced with reinforced resistance to outdoor conditions.

This new tethered station, Ligh-T, enables lightweight civilian drones to benefit from unlimited flying time and a secured flight zone. Lighter and more compact than the company’s Safe-T system, Ligh-T can be carried and deployed quickly and easily by a single person.

This new tethered station is therefore well suited to the needs of security companies, police forces, fire-fighters, and industrialists, providing persistent aerial surveillance capacity to handle crisis management situations, infrastructure protection, and continuous live event broadcasting.

Ligh-T is comprised of a 50-meter-long, Kevlar® reinforced micro-wire, providing a maximum of 1500W power to the drone, along with an integrated module to replace the drone’s battery, and a ground station.

Distribution partnership with DRONE VOLT

Elistair has signed a European-wide distribution agreement for Ligh-T with DRONE VOLT, a company that specializes in the design and sales of civilian drones for professional applications.

We needed a larger sales force to promote our new Ligh-T tethered station. Thanks to this partnership with DRONE VOLT, a major player in the market, we are going to be able to grow our sales in France and around Europe, while benefiting from their expertise and commercial potential.”

Guilhem de Marliave

CEO and Co-Founder of Elistair

I am very pleased about our partnership with Elistair. Thanks to the Ligh-T tethered station, our Z18 UF surveillance drone can fly for several days non-stop. This innovative application gives us an opportunity to enter new markets.”

Dimitri Batsis

President of Drone Volt

About Elistair

Founded in 2014, Elistair is startup specializing in civilian drones. The company designs, produces, and commercializes tethered drone stations for civil security, intervention teams, security companies, and large industrial companies. Leveraging a patented micro-wire technology, the solutions developed by Elistair are deployed for long duration aerial observation missions and emergency telecommunications missions. The company currently sells its products in Europe, South America, and Asia.

Elistair organized itself and grew quickly, and is now one of the leading tethered drone companies in France, currently expanding internationally. With support from DDrone Invest, an American investment fund, Elistair won the Alliance competition in San Francisco, and was selected by the European Horizon 2020 program.

Press contacts: Agence Amalthea

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Created in 2011, and established in France, in Canada, in Denmark, in the United States and in Switzerland, DRONE VOLT is specialized in manufacturing and marketing civilian drones for professional use. As a complete partner, the company provides solutions to its customers for critical tasks and applications including service of products and the training of pilots. The young innovative firm, which had 3, 7 million euro revenues in 2015 (+111 % growth y-o-y), is the leader in the European broadcasting and service drone industry. It also provides the administration and the execution of aerial photography and videography. Among its customers, the Company includes CERN, FRANCE TELEVISIONS, the Police station of the Air Transport (GTA), SPIE, TF1, FREEWAY PROD, etc. DRONE VOLT is qualified as an “Innovative Entreprise” by Bpifrance.


FINANCE relations : ACTUS finance & communication

Jean-Michel Marmillon : +33 1 53 67 36 73 –

Public Relations and Business : DRONE VOLT

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