Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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What is a tethered drone system?

A tethered drone or tethered UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is a drone connected to a ground station with a physical and secure tether which provides power and data. This emerging category of drones offers added benefits and opens new applications and uses for drone operators.

What are the key benefits of using tethered drones?

A tether is a simple but powerful way of solving a drones main weaknesses: battery life. Elistair’s patented micro-tether technology enables unlimited autonomy, safer operations and secured high speed data transfer.

I already have a drone. Can it be tethered?

Our stations are compatible with over 20 types of commercially available drones and can be adapted to allow integration. Please send us an email with your drone specs and we will be happy to advise you.

Is a tethered drone subject to the same drone legislation?

It depends on the country you are operating in. In some countries, a tethered drone is not classified as a drone as it is physically secured to an anchor point and can therefore be used freely. In other cases, tethered drones benefit from less restrictive legislation or waivers. Please refer to the civil aviation laws of your country to ensure you are flying in compliance with them.

What is the impact of Elistair micro-tether on drone flight dynamics and wind resistance?

Elistair’s micro-tether has been designed to have minimal impact on the functionality and mobility of the tethered UAV.

By using ultra-light tether technology and a smart automated winch system, the solution has minimal effect on the drones overall flying performance.

What is the maximum length of the Elistair micro-tether?

This depends on the application, the platform and the payload needed. The micro-tether can reach up to 100 meters but is dependent on the above criteria.

What is the maximum data speed of Elistair micro-tethers?

Our tethers include a high-speed data transfer through Power-Line Communication. The maximum data rate we can gurantee is 200 Mb/s.

What happens if there is a power shortage when my drone is flying?

Loss of ground power automatically activates an embedded safety device which in turn activates the safety battery whilst alerting the user via an audible alarm. With around a 2 minute flight time, the operator can safely land the drone.