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Security Drones for Public Safety and First Responders missions

Elistair Team | 10 Jan 2023 | 2 min

Elistair Team
10 Jan 2023

2 minutes

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In this Webinar Captain Chamberlain from Greensboro Fire Department, and Chris Fink from Unmanned Vehicle Technologies share their feedback on the use of tethered security drones for first responders applications.

How tethered security drones can help first responders improve their emergency response

Our guests discuss the usefulness of tethered drones for fire-fighting departments, and in particular the importance of long-duration coverage which gives real-time situational awareness without having to swap batteries or to be constantly monitoring the drone.

First, Captain Chamberlain shares his experience with the use of tethered drones that helped the GPD secure protests during the Folk Festival in the United states, or when its team needed to videotape an intervention on an incident for 9-hours non-stop. He also gives examples of incidents in which tethered drones can help first responders manage emergencies, such as explosions or natural disasters.

Then, our guests highlight the key role that these security drones can have in damage and risk assessment. They explain that tethered UAV’s allow to obtain a live aerial picture of the situation and thus to better direct the rescue on the ground without putting them unnecessarily in danger. In parallel Jason detais how his drone teams are organized for operations and Chris gives us a clear picture of a typical set up.

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Tethered drones are really helpful for incident command, in order to promote communications and actions more quickly. You have a fixed installation, an incident commander, a radio communication and video feed piped into a truck, so the commander can actually view the video and make decisions based on it.”

Chris Fink

Founder & CEO at UVT

Eventually Chris gives his point of view on the most popular security drones for public safety operations, and underlines their compatibility with Elistair’s ground stations, which makes it easy to switch from one drone to another depending on the operation. He also emphasizes the Orion 2 tethered drone’s features including data transfer, zoom capacities and above all, command control, which facilitates remote operations unlike with other systems.

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