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Elistair unveils ORION 2, Tethered Drone for Defense and Security

Elistair Team | 12 Nov 2020 | 5 min

Elistair Team

12 Nov 2020

5 minutes

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Press Release

Lyon, France, November 5th 2020. Elistair introduces its new Orion 2 tethered drone for defense government, and industry users. Unlike other multi-rotor drones, the Orion 2 hexacopter is a tethered drone that delivers surveillance for up to 24 hours at a time. This it a true persistent surveillance platform for defense applications.

Orion tethered drone system deployment for defense and security

Small UAVs are great if you want a hover-and-stare capability. However, they are short on battery life. Solutions like our powered tethering stations, Safe-T 2 and Ligh-T 4, increase a platform’s time in the air which is great for many missions. But what if you need to fly for a whole day?”

Timothée Penet

CTO and Co-Founder of Elistair

That is where Orion 2 tethered drone comes into the picture.

A lightweight yet extremely durable tethered drone for defense

The Orion 2 tethered drone is a quick-deploy system with an automated push-button for takeoff and landing. Above all, it can stay in the air for 24 hours.

Previously, this could only be done by helium-filled aerostats, which are much larger with very complicated logistics.

Ruggedized and redundant at every level

We developed redundancies at every level so that Orion 2 can stay up that long. For example, we made it IP54. In addition, we optimized the lifespan of the components, including the motors. And moreover, we added a safety battery that recharges in the air.”

Pierre-Moana Levesque

R&D DIrector of Elistair

Consequently, the Orion 2 is a clear improvement over the original version, which already proved itself internationally. Indeed, the Orion helped secure the Ryder Cup in 2018 when it flew over 300,000 attendees for 8 to 11 hours a day. Likewise, it has been employed by the French police, British military, and Singaporean government.

Extended Coverage capacity

Additionaly, with its 330 feet (100 meters) micro-tether, the Orion 2 flies higher than its predecessor. As a consequence it surveils more ground. Besides, it can carry up to 2kg (4.5 pounds) of payload and can serve simultaneously as an ISR and telecom platform. Also, the Orion 2 can stream georeferenced electro-optical and infrared imagery at the same time. Finally, it can deploy 4G/5G communications nodes through a fiber optics cable option.

The Orion 2 tethered drone is a clear advance over the very capable Orion, in terms of persistence, logistical footprint, and data control. We are thrilled by this product launch.”

Guilhem de Marliave

CEO and Co-Founder of Elistair

Click here for more information about Orion 2.

About us

Founded in 2014 with offices in France and Boston, Elistair develops tethered drones and powered tethering stations for third-party drones. These solutions turn small multi-rotor vehicles into airborne platforms for persistent surveillance and high-speed telecommunications.

Elistair’s products are deployed with militaries, police forces, public security departments and private companies in more than 60 countries.

For more information about Elistair and its products, please visit and get the latest developments on Linkedin @elistair.

Elistair contact:
Marie-Charlotte Fayot
Press Relations & Communication / +33 9 83 57 06 39

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